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  1. Kings

From the album Sneaking Up On You

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written by Dirk Cota, Doug Tucker & Stacy Stewart

Wayne: Pearl drum kit with Beta 52 on kick, SM57's on snare and toms, Nevaton MC49 on hat and Nevaton MC51 overheads. All mics run through an Audient ASP-008 preamp.
Doug: Direct through Audient ASP-008 preamp
Dirk: 1991 Les Paul Classic through Shaw Full Tilt 30, recorded with Nevaton MC49/Audient ASP-008
Stacy: 2010 Les Paul Studio Tribute through Bogen 18, recorded with Violet Flamingo Junior/Audient ASP-008
Vocals: All vocal tracks - Nevaton MC51/Audient ASP-008


Heard a song on the radio that took me back

To a time when I was young and way off track

Thinking about sixteen, if you know what I mean

When life felt like a dream


And the Kings they all surround me

On my walls and ceiling too

From teenage angst to love gone bad

They always showed me what to do

When everything got crazy all around

I had to seek my shelter in the sound

And that was always when, it all came back to zen

With the volume up on ten





And the Kings they still surround me

Showing me what to do

The notes they play, the words on the page

The Kings always speak my truth



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