From the album Sneaking Up On You

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written by Wayne Vincent, Kyhil Smith & Kate Abernathy

Wayne: Pearl drum kit with Beta 52 on kick, SM57's on snare and toms, Nevaton MC49 on hat and Nevaton MC51 overheads. All mics run through an Audient ASP-008 preamp.
Doug: Direct through Audient ASP-008 preamp
Dirk: 1984 Squier Strat through 1972 Fender Super Six Reverb, recorded with Nevaton MC49/Audient ASP-008
Stacy: 2010 Les Paul Studio Tribute through Bogen 18, recorded with Violet Flamingo Junior/Audient ASP-008
Vocals: All vocal tracks - Nevaton MC51/Audient ASP-008


The people are fascinating, some people wear masks cause they're masquerading
The lights go down and the freaks come out, people from M-town know what I'm speaking about
We keeps it real when we're down on Beale, where there's nothing to lose but your down home blues
Get back and relax in your blue suede shoes, the home of Elvis there's always something to do, something new

I left my heart in Memphis and I buried it in the ground
Now every time I walk these streets I hear my heart beat loud
There's something about this city, the rhythm and the sound


I am this town

Living for the city where the people stay busy, gold always shining for the women that are pretty
Right on the Mississippi the home of the Grizzlies, better be prepared or you're gonna get dizzy
Gotta see Graceland and Autozone Park and Sun Studios where it all start
Stop in Pink Palace to enjoy some art, in these streets you gotta use your smarts or be torn apart
Amongst the sharks

I left my heart in Memphis and I buried it in the ground
I am this town



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