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  1. Teaching Me

From the album Sneaking Up On You

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written by Doug Tucker

Dirk: 1998 Gibson SG through Shaw Full Tilt 30, recorded with Nevaton MC49/Audient ASP-008
Stacy: 2010 Les Paul Studio Tribute through Bogen 18, recorded with Violet Flamingo Junior/Audient ASP-008
BG Vocals: Nevaton MC51/Audient ASP-008
Lead Vocal:


My breath is short and shallow
Cause the chill is strong tonight
Keep on pushing, couple hours
I'll be home by the firelight

As these days go by
Life is teaching me to die
(Teaching me to die)

I'm intoxicated by the sight and by the sound
I can't think of anything that I'd want to bring me around
Then the truth it hits me like it was riding on the smoke
Time is not a river as I have heard some suppose
Time is like my fire, all consuming as it goes

All this darkness taught me to see





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