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  1. Ninja Dynamite

From the album Sneaking Up On You

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written by Dirk Cota & Doug Tucker

Wayne: Gretsch drum kit with Beta 52 on kick, SM57's on snare and high toms, EV ND257 on low toms, Blue Baby Bottle on hat and Nevaton MC51 overheads. All mics run through an Audient ASP-008 preamp.
Doug: Direct through Audient ASP-008 preamp
Dirk: 2002 Fender Stratocaster through 1972 Fender Super Six Reverb, recorded with Nevaton MC49/Audient ASP-008
2008 Fender Stratocaster through 1976 Fender MusicMaster Bass, recorded with Nevaton MC49/Audient ASP-008
Stacy: 2010 Les Paul Studio Tribute through Bogen 18, recorded with Violet Flamingo Junior/Audient ASP-008
Vocals: All vocal tracks - Nevaton MC51/Audient ASP-008


Town to town up and down
Gotta get up and move around
With an old school groove that feels so right
Sneaking up on you like ninja dynamite

Might not be arenas yet, but local bars that’s where we hit
When the band starts to grooving and dance floors start moving
If the glove don’t fit you must acquit
We’re gonna have a throwdown, when we get to your town
And you’ll remember who we are
Cause we’re spitting out the hits like ninja stars


Might not look like work but play, and we’re dynamitin’ every day
Cast a little voodoo, with an eye from the bird’s view
Stop the van! I want a fish filet
Saving you from danger like a bunch of Lone Rangers
Our Tontos they’re riding guitars
And we’re spitting out the hits like ninja stars




Might seem like a joke to you, but everything we say is true
You can count on us, for a boogie or a buss
And ask yourself – what do ya think Willie would do?
Adventures big and small, stick around you’ll like ‘em all
And just keep listening to us in your cars
And we’re throwing out the hits like ninja stars



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