Past bands

Hallway 44 Cover band.
Everything from country to pop and hard rock

How did you come to be in TN

I am originally from Canton, Ohio. I moved here because I felt like it ;)

How long have you been singing

Ive been singing as long as there has been air in my lungs. My first gig was at a talent show in grade school. From there I was in choirs and random groups in high school. My favorite part of the day was the a cappella group I was a part of. We pretty much ran things. We wrote our own songs and really had a blast. My sophomore year of college I was taken to the next level when Brian Trautman had me audition for Hallway 44. That’s when I really caught the performance bug. 

What are your favorite generas to play

Country and rock are my top two, but as long as it has a good feel to it i’ll sing anything.

What inspires your singing style

My mom. Growing up, she always had country on the radio in the car. Its pretty much all I listened to till middle school when my dad keyed me into ACDC, Pink Floyd and Def Leppard (just to name a few). 

Favorite song on Sneaking Up On You

Thunder and Lightning




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