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Ninja Weapons

Growing up in a family of musicians, it comes as no surprise that I began learning the guitar when still just a child. I found the instrument fascinating and fun but it was not until my father's band lost their bass player that my true calling emerged. Asked to fill in I began learning the bass, more subtle than the guitar but possessing a richness unfamiliar to me at the time. As I became more comfortable with the role of bassist and the nuances of the voicing it became clear that this was the instrument for me. I continued to learn and grow as a player and by age fifteen was making money on-stage. Since then I have performed all over the country. From the Detroit suburbs, my old stomping grounds, to the many ports of the Gulf Coast, everywhere from cramped little barrooms with no stage to speak of, to open air venues for thousands. I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with countless skilled musicians and a few casuals over the years. While it is still a rush, the raw energy and excitement of performing live, nothing matches the studio-focused process of writing and recording. This has allowed me to flex my creativity while granting a new perspective on the songs I perform.

Bassists, James Jamerson, Jaco, Bootsy Collins, Charles Mingus, Victor Wooten. 
Song writing, Bob Seger, Smokey Robinson. 

My tastes will probably change as time goes on but for now I like the tone and depth I get with the Ampeg SVT rig. I really like the speed of the Tobias and it has a fairly wide range of tone depending on the style I am playing. I primarily use the 72 for recording, it just has a natural sound that can't be beat.
My collection of basses, Tobias 5 string, 1972 Fender Jazz bass, 1978 American made Engelhardt upright.

Favorite song on Sneaking Up On You
Teaching Me




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