I wasn't really huge into music as a young kid - spending a lot of time in Europe I was much more focused on growing up to be a professional soccer player!  My music involvement was listening to Casey Kasem and American Top 40.

My first band was called Spectre, formed with my high school friend Dana Harris.  We were an original band, because basically we weren't good enough to learn cover songs!  We never got out of the bedroom, but we wrote a couple of fairly OK songs, considering how new to playing we all were.  After Spectre I hooked up with another friend in the Northern Virginia area - Chris Dopler and formed a band called Equinox.  I spent a few years playing in a Grateful Dead cover band called The Ruckus Brothers with my good friend Lance Kelley after that.  I moved to Nashville in the Fall of 1992 and for the next 20 years I basically stowed away the guitar in the closet.  Every now and again I'd pull it out, or the acoustic.  Pick a few tunes, then move on.  Real life was a priority at the time and I felt like the only musician who had EVER moved to Nashville to NOT become a musician.

Every player I listen to influences me in some way.

The number one is a 1991 Gibson Les Paul. I also have a few other LPs and a Charvel Wild Card. My main amp is a highly customized Shaw Full Tilt 30 that Kevin Shaw of Shaw Audio has hot-rodded for me. I also use Fender, Marshall, Mesa and Gibson amps. Some pedals too.

Favorite song on the first record? 



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