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My earliest memory of music was The Beatles. I was lucky to grow-up in a household of older siblings that had

excellent taste in music. I can remember laying on my Brother’s bed with the headphones on listening to The Beatles, Stones, CCR and The Yardbirds. My favorite record was a Beatles EP called "Four by the Beatles" with "Roll over Beethoven" in glorious Mono. I loved the sound and drive of Ringo’s drumming on that recording. I still own that record!

I got my first set of drums when I was 16. My uncle had a camp with a bandstand at Rough River Kentucky and we would play music during the summer. My cousins had a big music blow-out there when I was 17 during the 4th of July weekend. That holiday was so much fun....I was hooked and wanted to play drums in a band from that point forward.

My first band was called "DashRipRock" which I started with my high school friend Ken Cornetet. We used to advertise ourselves as "World Famous in the Louisville Area" Those were the days. I have played in a number of bands through the years, performing a wide variety of music styles. My musical tastes are all over the place.


Drummers: Ringo Starr, Doug Clifford, Ginger Baker, Jim Gordon, Don Brewer and Jim Keltner.

Bands/Artists: The Beatles, CCR, The Byrds, Tom Petty, Derek and the Dominos, NRBQ, BR5-49, Lynyrd Skynyrd


Gretsch Maple Renown, 1979 Ludwig Tequila Sunrise Tivoli Vistalite with built-in lights



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